Customs clearance

Centurion-Logistic has been providing customs representative services since 2017. The office of our company is located on the territory of a warehouse complex near the territory of Sheremetyevo Airport, there are also representatives at other airports of the Moscow air hub. This arrangement allows to significantly reduce the time of procedures related to customs clearance of goods. The customs representative is jointly and severally liable with the declarant for the provision of documents to the customs authorities when performing customs operations. To expedite the customs clearance processes and avoid delays, we prepare all the necessary documentation in advance and check the documents before the cargo arrives. Centurion-Logistic offers its Clients full informational and technical support during import and (or) export of goods. Our specialists have practical skills and theoretical knowledge in the field of customs, provide all necessary consultations in the framework of customs clearance of our Clients' cargoes. If you need a reliable customs representative with practical experience and competent specialists in the field of customs, please contact us to leave a request.


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