By concluding an agreement with Centurion-Logistics for the provision of services, you get as your partner a reliable customs representative with extensive experience in the field of various customs procedures, as well as a whole team of highly qualified specialists who will select for you the approaches to solving problems that your company needs , providing high-quality recommendations on the conduct of customs operations for the customs declaration of goods in strict accordance with the current legislation in the field of customs regulation:
Department for work with Clients, whose managers will conduct a quality check of the entire foreign trade transaction:
- analysis of accompanying documentation;
- verification of product descriptions;
- preparation of additional documentation in accordance with the chosen customs procedure;
- provision of advisory support within the framework of cargoes being processed;
- monitoring and control of transport logistics;
- organization and control of the entire cycle of registration.
The declaration department with a staff of specialists will prepare the documents necessary for placement under the selected customs procedure:
- verification of EAEU TN VED codes and non-tariff regulation measures;
- filling in DT / DTS / TD;
- submission of documents to the customs authorities under the EDS of the customs representative, including subsequent support before and after the release of goods.
At all stages of the provision of services, we monitor the quality of the provided customs services, and compliance with deadlines and legislation in real time.
We provide services:
- customs clearance of goods
- registration of customs transit
- implementation of a unique service for air carriers: Declaration of aircraft/Advance notification
- organization of international and domestic logistics
- services for certification, licensing and approval of other permits
- supply and clearance of aviation components
- consulting services on foreign economic activity, customs legislation
- preparation of materials for filing reports established by legislation in the field of customs regulation
- cargo insurance
- development of optimal schemes of foreign trade operations
- assistance to regular customers in resolving disputes on customs issues
- flexible system of discounts for regular customers


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